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Kalamata Wild Artichoke Bottoms

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This unique product has all the ingredients necessary to take you to a journey of taste perfection. Distinctly flavoured Kalamata Wild Artichokes Bottoms, in Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with oregano. We simply bring you the best vegetable.

KALAMATA WILD ARTICHOKE BOTTOMS are a rare delicacy. They are grown in Kalamata, and are famous for their uniquely distinct flavour and HEALTHY PROPERTIES, setting them aside from other artichoke varieties. Our 100 years old local presence guarantees that only the best of them are brought to your table, as you would expect from the legacy of Baldjis family.

Simply try them.


20 x 200gr (jars)


Kalamata Wild Artichokes, Water, Salt, Citric Acid, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oregano


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