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Kalamata Fresh Figs in Syrup

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MENELAS BALDJIS Ltd , brings Kalamata Figs FRESH and DELICIOUS - especially packed in cans with the addition of pure aromatic syrup just for you all year round. Experience selectors sort out the most green and juicy figs from the Messinian plantations. Within a few hours, this crop arrives in our modern factory where the skilful employees follow the procedure of the most hygienic canninig and of course with the use of secret formula of MENELAS BALDJIS they deliver to you, the best product you can ever taste.

BALDJIS GREEN FIGS IN SYRUP are an easy to use all natural ingredient that will add value and taste to your breakfast, special made dishes or deserts.

Figs have been grown for 11.500 years and through the ages have proved to be a refreshing and nutritious food.

Our figs are grown in the Kalamata region of Greece and are carefully selected and processed the same day as they are picked, enabling us to provide our customers with a top quality product. Our Greek Green Figs in Syrup and our figs marmalade are not only a true delicacy, but also a very rich nutritional and fiber source. Greeks have been eating figs for thousands of years and we can make sure that this can be enjoyed all year round and throughout the world. Figs are marvelous to start the day with, enjoyed either with yogurt or with muesli. Then they can provide a very interesting twist to well established dishes throughout the day, like with duck and with various pates, or with cheese and in various savory pies. Last they can be a delicious dessert or accompany spirits like vodka, snaps or gins.


12 x 820gr (easy open cans)

12 x 410gr (easy open cans)

12 x 370gr (jars)


Kalamata Fresh Figs, Water, Sugar, Citric Acid.


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